Over 2000 Bitmap Textures for M-Color! [Print]

With M-Color, you can fill areas not just with solid colors but also with gradient fills, translucent fills and bitmap textures. We are now offering you a collection of more than 2,000 bitmap textures!

The collection is organized into 28 M-Color style palettes according to color and motif. The collection includes lots of brick, marble, rock, water and wood textures and sky backgrounds, for example.

Download the Textures Now

If you have joined the Upgrades & Support Subscription for M-Color, you can download the texture collection at no additional cost! Click here to download (password required).

If you have not yet joined the subscription, please contact us at licensing@m-files.com. Subscription members get all upgrades to M-Color as well as unlimited technical support. The texture collection is available to subscription members only. Read more about the subscription program.

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